Jim DaPolito

Jim DaPolito

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Bisonte Pizza Company

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Bisonte Pizza Company brings you the best pizza, wings and pasta in North Carolina! Bisonte (Bis-on-tay) means “buffalo” in Italian. Don’t worry, we didn’t know either at first. But it couldn’t be a better name for an Italian place owned by two brothers who grew up in Buffalo, NY. Jim and Steve DaPolito brought their best family recipes down with them to North Carolina. Bisonte’s pizza sauce is just like their father used to make, and their dough recipe has been tried and true over the years. It’s practically perfection. Between the two, they have over 40 years in the pizza biz. And that’s nothing to shake a wing at. Speaking of wings, did we mention they’re from Buffalo? These boys know wings. Stop by and grab a bite. Say hi to Jim and Steve while you’re there. Bisonte Pizza Co. was named “Charlotte’s Best Wing” 3 years in a row from 2017 to 2020, “Charlotte’s Favorite Pizza” in 2014. And out of 70 restaurants we were voted “Best Pizza In Charlotte” in the 2023 Charlotte Observers readers poll.

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